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Venice: Day 17

Today was a free day so we split it up into two activities: beach and Biennale. I expected going to a beach in another country to be more exotic and cool, but it was packed with tourists and just as crowded and awkward as beaches back in New Jersey. Though no matter where you are, swimming and sunbathing with friends can be enjoyable. Just try to avoid the men with handlebar moustaches who wear Speedos and smile at you.



No thanks.

Had I remembered sooner than my nearest beach back home is available to me any time, I would have hurried off to spend time at a much more unique event... Biennale! This was one of those things I'd been interested in for many years and here I was in Venice, and it just did not feel real at all.
It was our last day and we didn't realize the gallery hours were so short (everything was closed by 6pm) so we only made it to a few locations and missed the main building entirely. One day, I will return and spend all my time at Biennale and avoid the tourist traps!
Here are a bunch of photos of our incredibly fun time finding and enjoying galleries:

Yes, we had a LOT of fun there.

We wandered back to our hotel, got lost for a bit, said goodbye to Venice and got ready for the last leg of our journey.

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