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Paris: Day 7

The day began with a historic walking tour of Marais. This is really a must-visit place! It's really interesting to learn about and an excellent place to shop and eat some amazing falafel.

A lot of us came out of Marais with a few purchases, and a desire to return. The many tiny vintage shops and boutiques may take more than a couple hours to comb through.

The next place we went to was the Pierre Cardin museum.
This was easily one of my favorite places on the whole trip and we were not allowed to take photos. So much inspiring use of alternative materials and clever patterning!
Several very large rooms house an awe-inspiring collection of garments, accessories, and furniture. Here are some images from the internet:


Our "party favor" was a binder of images and some information. ♥

Worth looking into the book.

Later that night, my friend worked some magic to get us into a sold out show at the VIP Room to see LMFAO. This was my most intense period of culture shock in all of Paris. I've been to so many concerts in New York and Philadelphia, it was a strange thing to be unprepared for. Despite all that, we had a lot of fun and it really was a crazy show.

Check it out, you can spot us in the crowd in this video:

Official photos from the show can be found here.

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