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Milan, Padua, Como: Day 18 & 19

On our way from Venice to Milan, we stopped at Padua to visit the Belvest factory. Although I could not take photos inside, I got to see the entire process of the making of a high-end suit, from start to finish, on highly specialized machines. Belvest has their own line, but also makes suits for Prada and Hermes, as well as custom made-to-order suits.


So we arrived in Milan and got ready to go out for sushi.




That was the best cake I've ever had!
At this point, I split from the group since I was not feeling up to drinks and dancing. I had to get my rest before we headed to Como in the morning.

Our first stop in Como was Ratti, a company that starts with raw silk, weaves it into fabric, and prints on it all in one place. The facility is very modern and its awesome to see the entire process, especially after learning about it in school. I really like factory tours seeing where things come from.

After that, we took a lunch break and regrouped to go to the Silk Museum. It took us back in time to see the history of silk production and techniques used for printing and dying. All around, a very educational day for those interested in textiles!

However, this is where the heat and everything started getting to me and I spent a lot of the rest of the trip sick in bed and not doing much exploring. Travel tip: bring your own cold medecine with you because the stuff they have in Italy is gross.



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