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Paris: Day 9 & 10

Two free days in a row, a perfect chance to catch up on sleep and explore museums by myself.
The Louvre:













After a nap, I went to dinner & a movie with a friend. When homesick in a foreign country, get your favorite comfort food and go see an American film. For me, that was udon soup and X-Men: First Class.

The second free day, I had to go see Musee D'Orsay. This was my favorite museum of the trip. It's really beautiful inside! Since it used to be an old railway station, the architecture lent itself to a really interesting renovation. The collection of art there is quite amazing. If you like impressionists, this is the place to go. I found the experience of going alone and spending a few hours there to be really good for me, I took the time to really enjoy things rather than rushing through. I found a deeper emotional connection with the art. It was intense.

They didn't allow photos so I did not get away with much..

That morning before the museum, we went to see the flea markets. It was sort of sketchy, but I did find myself a nice pair of cheap flats and saw some very cool vintage stuff.

 This place was fantastic!

And so, we said goodbye to Paris.

Later! ♥

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