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Florence: Day 14

Our last day in Florence went out with a bang! Lots of things to do and see, all in one day.
We began with a tour of the Pitti Palace and its beautiful collection of art. No pictures allowed, so I only managed to sneak one. After that, we were left to wander on our own until our next appointment, so we chose to explore Boboli Gardens.

Our next stop was the Ferragamo Museum, another one of those amazingly inspiring places where you can't take photos. ;)
Salvatore Ferragamo was the Italian shoe designer to the stars, known for doing really inventive and ahead-of-the-times designs. He took a lot of inspiration from art and experimental films, as we were shown.

Our last appointment in Florence was one of the best... a genuine Italian cooking class! The menu set for us included ravioli, gnocchi with pesto, crostini, and tiramisu! All my favorites.
The food tasted as good as it looked, and we all had a hand in making it.

Goodbye, Florence! ♥

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