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Paris: Day 5

Something a lot of people don't know about the fashion industry is forecasting. Forecasting is like predicting the future, it's putting your ear to the earth and feeling the shifts in art, music, textures, colors, politics, people's needs, everything that is happening. Forecasters reach out with their network of experts and predict the trends, and pitch their findings to designers in many fields. Not everyone uses forecasting services, but they are really fascinating.
Luckily, FIT has good connections and the library provides us with access to several major online forecasting services, books, and presentations every semester. I really appreciated getting to visit several forecasting companies in Paris, the first of which was Nelly Rodi.

Continuing our beautiful busy day, we went to our next stop... Lesage.
This place was magical, really unique.... a maze of tiny sun-drenched rooms of extremely skilled embroiderers working on couture pieces. We even got a special look at their archives of samples, dating back almost a century. Of course, we were not alowed to photograph inside.

(image borrowed from here)

When I go back to Paris, I want to take a class there.

Next stop was the Madame Gres exhibition at Musee Bourdelle. Today was definately a big day to take a lot of inspiration from. Madame Gres's garments were on display with sculptures, a really interesting contrast of hard and soft art with similar inspirations.

Too amazing!

So for dinner, I went with a couple friends to L'Avenue and had a delicious meal followed by a quick walk to see the Eiffel Tower light up! Cities shine their brightest at night.


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