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Florence: Day 13

Florence, oh you are so beautiful...

Today was less of an art history day, and more of an Italian fashion day. We started by going to the Capucci museum, an inspiring and lovely little place that did not allow any photos. However, here's a link to a site with photos from inside.

His construction techniques are unbelievable!

The museum is in a really beautiful location with gardens behind it. Here are some photos from our long up-hill trek to get there and enjoying the gardens afterwards:

With a little bit of time on our hands, we checked out the local shops before heading to the Leather School of Florence. It is a really neat workshop-style place, not a factory, where you can get unique and custom leather accessories or be one of the small handful of students there to learn the craft.
Italy is known for its leather goods, but you have to know a bit about leather or else you'll get scammed by the many outdoor street vendors trying to sell you really bad quality leather jackets and bags for high prices.

One last stop of the day....
David at the Galleria dell'Accademia!

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