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Paris: Day 1 & 2

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The timing of the flight was interesting. I lost a day somewhere, but I saw the sun set and rise.
As the sun changes into a red streak across the sky that fades off into velvety blue darkness, little clusters of lights pop up, tiny little towns glittering along the curve of the earth. Blankets of clouds sweep in and cover everything until the sun finishes its race around the other side of the Earth to greet you once again.
Flying is really fantastic. Airports, not so much.

Due to some pretty bad jet lag, I only made one real stop today (besides food, of course) and that was les Musée des Arts Décoratifs. After having been to so many major art museums in America and Russia, this one managed to surprise me a lot. The collection is VERY diverse. Just look at the pictures below to see exactly how much I mean that. We didn't get to see all the floors, but there are just too many museums to try to see everything in one trip.

(I feel like I could really relate to this picture.)

(this one reminds me of my mom.)

Most of that was fairly coherent, until we found ourselves in rooms of toys.

It was such an interesting place, I wish I'd had the energy to stay longer.
After that we just strolled around for a bit and napped and ate and wandered. A decent day by my standards but the rest will be much busier! 

 Things I enjoy a lot: birds. Maybe a bit too much.

My roommate for Paris!

And heres a 360 panoramic photo I put together:
(click for full-size view)

See ya soon~

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