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Florence: Day 11 & 12

Hello Florence! If it wasn't for the radical change in climate between the two countries, I could have gotten away with packing half as much. Now I can pack up my jackets for home and roll out the shorts and tiny dresses and sunscreen.
Gaze upon the tiny airplane we took from Paris to Florence:


After arriving at our hostel and settling in a bit, it was time to visit Polimoda! Polimoda is FIT's sister school in Florence, so when you take a semester abroad in Florence, you go there. The campus is gorgeous and I could have stayed in their library all day. After the tour, we just wandered the beautiful area around the college before walking back to the hostel.


The following day, our tour took us through the Ufizzi gallery and the Medici Chapel. Anyone who has taken a few art history courses will know how important Florence was during the Renaissance, so being here to actually see great works of art is incredible!






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