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Milan: Day 20, 21, & 22

Seeing as a lot of us were not feeling our best this morning, we only went to our afternoon appointment.

We got a special look into the design room and showroom of Colomba Leddi! I love digital printing on fabrics so its great to see a designer who puts this technique to great use using scans of natural things blown up on a large scale. I loved the interior design too!

I can't wait to try some digital fabric printing when I get back to school.

The next day, we went to Palazzo Morando for a tour of the costume design exhibit. It was really wild! A lot of big designers in the 80's also did stage costume, and it is great to see their personal style translate to theater (whether good or bad).

(sneaking a photo of my favorite looks)

I finally had the energy to do a little bit of shopping and found some designer discount stores and picked up a handful of really great items for good prices. Milan is less touristy than the other cities we went to, and more like the kind of city I am used to in America, so it was easier to shop here.

Our final appointment was here! We hopped off the bus somewhere just outside of Milan for a private tour of Zibetti e Orsini, a textile factory that has been around for a long time and makes beautiful lace and embroidered fabrics for high-end clients such as Chanel. As a gift, they gave us 2 large packages of fabric remnants and I scored a few amazing cuts of fabrics I plan to use for my upcoming projects!

All that was left to do was pack for home and make my way back to the life I briefly vanished from.
Oh, and deal with the modern torture obstacle course that is airports.

I picked a window seat for all my flights for good reason. We would be flying in at night!
Its amazing to be flying through the darkness and start seeing little dots of lights sprinkled through the landscape start connecting to each other like veins and grow bigger and more connected like sparkling circuitry on a grand scale. Soon you see the heart, the brightest city of them all, New York, and bursting forth from this heart are fireworks!! By the 1st of July, fireworks shows were already starting and it was my first time seeing them from a plane! I had my face pressed against the window, gasping like a little kid, so happy to be welcomed home so grandly. I could even spot where my boyfriend was at work, and where our apartment is. It was really intense, I have to make a point of scheduling more night flights around the 4th of July.

(Around the bottom center/right, the red spot and little blue and green sprinkles are fireworks. It is really difficult to get a fast-moving night time shot in focus!!)

Swooping in for a landing! The extra bright streaks are fireworks.

♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

Home, to sleep for days and recover from this summer's big adventure. I've come away from it with many experiences to tell stories about and a ton of inspiration to take with me into my last year at FIT and my career following that.
See ya!

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