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Venice: Day 15 & 16

We lost another day to travel between Florence and Venice, but along the way we stopped at a huge outdoor outlet mall.  For a fashion design student, I am pretty weird and don't really enjoy shopping as much as I like creating and being inspired, so I didn't get anything more than a sandwich.
However, I saw some prett rad sneakers.

We settled into our hotel and rested up for our next big day.

Venice is ridiculously pretty. Everywhere you turn, its like postcard scenery and a crazy maze all at once. However, its very touristy and you can find souvenirs everywhere. Since its a water city, there are no cars... only boats. Boats are not my friends. So Venice was really a dilemma for me.

 View from our hotel room window.

 Cute birds eating our breakfast leftovers.

Our tour took us through Doge's Palace, a big place with a really beautiful collection of art and lots of history. Our tour guide told us so many interesting stories and took us from old government meeting rooms to prison cells and everything in between. There's a lot to see!

A bit of wandering...

Of course, I ended up on a boat in order to get to our next appointment.  :(
Being surrounded by beautiful sights and warm weather did help, though.

We were very lucky, our next stop was the Fortuny showroom! Fortuny is an important name in fashion history, but the company is still around today producing gorgeous textiles using the original techniques and top secret methods. Although we did not see inside the factory, we had a great look at the garden and showroom. Halfway through, my camera died so my phone took over.





The day came to a close with a big group dinner right on the water. Cruise ships passed behind us as we ate our delicious food... it was really relaxing. 






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